The Economists’ Philosophy Day – A Journal of Philosophical Economics celebration of philosophical reflection in the economic science

In October 2005, the UNESCO General Conference proclaimed the third Thursday of November every year “World Philosophy Day” recalling that “philosophy is a discipline that encourages critical and independent thought and is capable of working towards a better understanding of the world and promoting tolerance and peace.”

It is in this spirit that J Phil Econ proposes to celebrate an Economists’ Philosophy Day by organizing an online plenary session of scientific communications dedicated to the philosophical landmarks through which our science has been challenged, for better or worse. Our call invites all those interested in the study of social sciences to contribute not only to the thinking inspired from enduring ideas of philosophy, but also to the way in which they have been adopted, adapted, or made known to advance theoretical and applied research.


Journal of Philosophical Economics (Faculty of International Economics and Business, Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies) &

Research Center for the History and Circulation of Philosophical Ideas &

UNESCO Chair in Interculturality, Good Governance and Sustainable Development &

Bordeaux UNESCO Chair of Education, Training and Research for Sustainable Development

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When: Nov 17, 2022 / Time – see Agenda

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