Săptămâna internaţională în REI - 8 May, 12pm - Prof. Thomas Cousineau

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The Center for American Studies invites you on Monday, May 8th, at 12pm (Room 1604), to a roundtable on The Importance of Literature and of an Education in Humanities for Nowadays Students. 

Guest speaker: Thomas Cousineau, Professor of English at Washington College and a specialist in the field of international modernist writing. He has written four books, including two on Samuel Beckett, one on modernist fiction, and one on the novels of the Austrian writer Thomas Bernhard. The discussion will focus on the role of humanities in general and of literature in particular for the education of students with a background in economics.

We will try to answer questions such as: What do we read? Why do / don't we read? What education does fiction offer one?

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