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Conference “Viet Nam Today” Communication 

Center for Indochina Studies – Bucharest University of Economic Studies – Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam 

Date: 23.11.2017 

Time: 15:00 – 17:00 

Venue: Bucharest University of Economic Studies 

Speakers: H.E. Mr. Tran Thanh Cong - Ambassador of the S.R. of Viet Nam 

Mr. Prof. Radu Musetescu – Executive Director of C4IS

H.E. Mr. Dumitru Olaru – Former Ambassador of Romania to Viet Nam 

Mrs. Prof. Clara Volintiru – Academic Affairs – C4IS

1. Opening Remarks 

“Viet Nam Today” was a presentation conference and was the first of a series of conferences which will follow in the next period (2017 – 2018), its target audience being students. 

The conference started at 15:00 hrs, after all the guests arrived. (Aprox. 65 guests) 

Mr. Professor Radu Musetescu welcomed the guests and had the opening speech, presenting all the important details about the conference and its purpose.

2. Speeches and Presentations 

The first speech and presentation was held by H.E. Mr. Tran Thanh Cong – Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam to Romania. 

This presentation had the purpose to introduce all the details about the nowadays Viet Nam and its strategic importance with a significant economic growth in the recent years 

One of the important points being accented the growth importance of tourism in Vietnam, which is a big attraction for tourists around the world. 

The speech of the former Ambassador of Romania to Viet Nam, H.E. Mr. Dumitru Olaru, which emphasized how important is the relation between Romania and Viet Nam confirming Mr. Ambassador’s speech pointing the growing economy relations between the countries and the potential of developing more ties. 

Mrs. Clara Volintiru presented the Center for Indochina Studies and encoureged all the students to join their abilities within the center in order to develop their academic/diplomatic/business abilities. 

3. Presentation Movies 

The next stage was the screening of two presentation videos about Viet Nam. Students have shown interest and they watched them with great attention. 

4. Closing Remarks 

Mr. Prof. Radu Musetescu thanked to the speakers and the guests for attending the Conference and invited them to enjoy the traditional Vietnamese tea and coffee and also to admire the beautiful photo exhibition organized by the Embassy of the S.R. of Viet Nam to Romania at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. 

They had the opportunity to discuss with the representatives of the Center for Indochina Studies and also with Mr. Ambassadors.

Made by: C4IS no. 01/2017 

Bogdan Chezan – Team Leader – Center for Indochina Studies 

Abdulkarim Nomen – Team Leader – Center for Indochina Studies

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